When I wasn’t looking, the love of photography found me through the borrowed lens of my mom’s 1990’s DSLR; it somehow lifted an ordinary weekend hunting trip into a visual adventure. Everything I saw in the viewfinder took on a new vibrancy.

Dallas, TX / Oklahoma City, OK


“I contemplate the weekend and have a better understanding of why his photos are so good. It’s his passion for capturing a real moment in time and his willingness to be uncomfortable in order to get a great shot.”
— Scoutlands 2016

“Ford isn’t on what many would consider the typical path to becoming an outdoor photographer. The 21-year-old stumbled on photography just a few years ago through his mom’s 1990’s DSLR. Since then, he’s developed a speciality in capturing simplistic, outdoor scenes around much of the American South.”
— Outside Magazine 2015